EXCLUSIVE Live Webinar With Social Media Breakup:
"How You Can Kick Social Media Addiction Out of Your Life For Good and Become The Best Version of Yourself"
EXCLUSIVE Live Webinar Reveals:
     How to OWN Your Phone Instead of Your Phone Owning YOU While Using it For Work, Studies, Maintaining Relationships and Even Entertainment!

     How to CHANGE Your Phone Behavior and Your Life Without Feeling Depressed, Bored or Alone

     How to CONTROL Your Phone Without Relying on any Tracking and Blocking Apps, or Features Like Apple’s Screen Time and Google’s Digital Wellbeing
Johan Versteegh and Yuval Shem Yov were phone addicts since 2011. In those years they scrolled, commented and posted their lives away. They made several attempts to end their phone and social media addiction by quitting altogether, but this made them feel even worse. The statement: “what do you mean you didn’t know!? I posted it on Facebook” was heard all too often. 

After a small detox they were running back to their accounts and were relieved they knew what was happening again in the lives of others. But the happiness was only short-lived, as they felt lost again, chained to their phones and social media without knowing how to cut the cord.

This FREE training class cuts right to the chase and reveals exactly how Johan was able to get out of the insidious grip social media and his phone had on him.

Take charge of your life and register now before this is taken offline in the next few days.   


Wasn’t even finished with the program and she already felt she was much more in control with her phone. She is much more mindful now with how she is using her device and is fully present in the moment.


Was often so immersed in his phone since he cared a lot about the opinions of others. Now he is focusing on chasing the better version of himself while using social media only for the purpose of developing himself.


Learned to untangle her relationship with social media and became the dominant one in that relationship. She stopped using her phone in the presence of people and uses tech to enhance her life instead of destroying it.
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