Brief Story About Overcoming Phone and Social Media Addiction
OCTOBER 16, 2018
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So Apple has introduced their new iOS 12 feature called Screen Time. Google will introduce a similar feature called Digital Wellbeing with their Android 9 Pie OS.

These features help you to become more aware of your phone behavior and honestly, your results about your behavior will definitely shock you.

These features are no surprise since the phone addiction discussion is getting louder.

Facebook and Instagram also offer features now to check your checking.

Many people however, complain they don’t do much about stopping addiction. If we think rational, there is not much that we can expect from them.

They will continue to think from a business perspective and this won’t stop. It can only get worse.

It is much more effective to focus on ourselves. To focus on owning back our control, and stop being dependent on what companies do that create such energy and focus absorbing apps.

Empowerment comes from responsibility. It is time to accept that we and only we have the key to solve our problems.

Talking from experience, I only transformed with conviction when I stopped looking outside in to the external world.

I found out that the power is within me, because it is me only that I can control. Not any company or other people.

I shifted my focus back to myself.

I learned it was time to stop blaming others and to stop considering my situation as a normality.
Learn more about my brief story that I present in the video below.

Social Media Breakup

Our goal is to transform the health and happiness of the world, starting with you. You were not put on this earth to struggle. We're here to show you how to finally be the best version of yourself and end your struggle with social media and phone addiction for good. 
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