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Hi there, Johan from the Netherlands and Yuval from Brazil here! We were both social media and phone addicts for years, since the first iPhone has made its introduction in 2007.

For years we have let our devices decide when it was time to interact with the phone. If the phone was not around, feelings of FOMO (Fear Of Missing out) and anxiety invaded our being. We became too dependent which damaged our relationships with other people, and took this addiction our goals and dreams away. We were just too busy with being mindlessly busy.

We met in Dublin and experimented complete abstinence from our personal Facebook profiles for 3 years. We realized how much we have missed out in the real world. Not the constant news updates and friends updates, but real life experiences.

Now we both help social media and phone addicts to stop being a slave to their devices, and start focusing on improving their relationships with themselves and others. Social media and phones are not good and not bad. It’s all about how we continue to use them for our own benefit instead of letting them destroy us.
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